What People Are Saying

“I have had a chance to deal with Raj, Jake, Wyatt and Davoud in the last week or so…

Jake really helped me migrate my data and added a ton of value to the experience of our interactions. Jake, also followed up the following week and went the extra mile.

Raj, Wyatt and Davoud help me to understand what I need to do and help me in ways I didn’t know I needed.

I always try and promote Foundation BTS’s services to people because as a business owner myself I see the value in your services. Recently my Paralegal was having computer difficulties and I told him about Foundation BTS…but of course some people aren’t ready for change.

Foundation BTS helps me run my business without me worrying that my computer information is up to date and safe.

Just wanted to pass along my appreciation and wanted to tell you about my latest interactions with your staff…Oh by the way I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Lea…she also rocks.”

Sandy McNeil – McNeil Safety Training & Compliance Inc. – July 2022


Almost a decade ago, I was introduced to FBTS under less than ideal circumstances. We had just been hacked and a ransom was requested. FBTS saved the day, without resorting to paying off the crooks, by rebuilding our databases and critical information from older data. They did it quickly, professionally and with little input or overhead from our company. They just knew what needed to be done.

Because of our very positive initial experience we hired FBTS to monitor us 24/7 and we have never looked back. They are very well managed employing dozens of IT professionals adhering to best-of-breed industry practices. We look at FBTS as critical level insurance that ensures that I get a good night’s sleep. FBTS has been so good for us over the years that we do not bother getting competing quotes since they have proven their value to our company year after year. I will be retiring in the next 5-10 years and FBTS will be here as long as I am.

Carmine Bello – Permacharts – July 2022


Foundation BTS was there with me right from the build-out of my business over 6 years ago, planning my network, sourcing my hardware, and putting in the data wiring at my place. They have been by my side since, providing quick solutions whenever I have an IT problem, and sourcing new hardware for me as needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Barbara Winslow -King’s Ridge Veterinary Clinic – June 2022

Our firm was been working with Foundation BTS for a few years. We have only had top-level help and support at any time we have called. They are friendly, patient, and cooperative. Paul is amazing and his staff follows suit. I would recommend them as an IT support choice. Keep up the good work :).

Clifford Rybko – Kaplan Talkins – October 2021

My company InspiAIR Inc. recently had Paul and his team at Foundation BTS help us update our IT systems, move to MicroSoft Teams, help move our location, and take over IT support for 6 locations. They are a first class organization, who take the time to work through issues and resolve them quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend Foundation BTS to any company seeking to update their system.

David Fraser – InspiAIR – July 2021