Frustration-Free and Secure IT

Outsourced IT and Cyber Protection Services for Your Business

Frustration-Free and Secure IT

Outsourced IT and Cyber Protection Services for Your Business

Enhanced Security

Risk Management

Expert Guidance

pretending to be an IT department

Running a company is hard, keeping track of your IT is even harder.


With cybercrime at an all-time high and technology constantly evolving, it’s easy to feel insecure and overwhelmed.

You don’t have to be.

Your clients deserve your full attention, and you can give it to them.

pretending to be an IT department

With Managed IT Services, here’s what you’ll experience:

Professionalize your business with Managed IT Services

Access to Expertise


Cost Savings


Focus on Your Core Competencies


Happy and Productive Employees


Security and Compliance


Cost Predictability


Reduced Downtime

We understand IT is complicated;

that’s why we’re here to help.

Our certified technicians have solved over 196,000 technical support requests to date.

No customers impacted by ransomware.

Happy and satisfied customers.  Don’t just take our word for it; discover what they have to say 👇

Foundation BTS
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Todd CliffordTodd Clifford
17:21 14 Mar 24
Foundations is helping to roadmap a plan to protect me and my business from the ever changing landscape of cyber security. I find the team helpful and have used them for the last 1 1/2 years.
ACYR OutreachACYR Outreach
20:02 08 Mar 24
They provide efficient services to us at CAYR Community Connections. Always following up, looking out for our best interests and working with us to make sure we have what we need.
Denise LeungDenise Leung
20:53 06 Mar 24
We were previously with another IT company, and recently switched. FBTS has been great in comparison and Jake is amazing! He is always available to provide innovative solutions to our IT problems.
Mitchell CheungMitchell Cheung
20:40 06 Mar 24
Paul and his team are great. We started small with a few things which require their management, and eventually rolled out all our IT management to them. Always helpful, and always honest. Can't ask for more.
Debbie BreulsDebbie Breuls
20:15 06 Mar 24
Working with Paul and his team at Foundation BTS has been excellent. They are very responsive and knowledgeable and quick to help.
Audrey JessomeAudrey Jessome
20:13 06 Mar 24
Foundation BTS are very wonderful and helpful and are very quick to respond. I would definitely recommend this support choice. Keep up your wonderful work, thank you.
Connie SantosConnie Santos
20:56 13 Feb 24
Foundation BTS went above and beyond to seamlessly merge our company email platform from GSuite to M365 - we honestly wouldn't have been able to do it without their expertise!
Managed IT Services support team

Here’s how to work with us:

1 - Schedule a Managed IT consultation

It’s free!  We love talking to you.

2 - We'll do a vulnerability assessment

No cost to you; we want to make sure we help.


3 - Execute your personalized support plan

Our helpful technicians will put it into action.

The FBTS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

For FBTS Complete Clients:

  • We promise you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your IT efficiency and security within 90 days. If not, we’ll provide additional support and resources until you do.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do you know your Cyber Risk Score?

By understanding your cyber risk score, you can:

cyber risk score
  • Identify and address potential security gaps.
  • Enhance your overall cybersecurity strategy.
  • Protect sensitive data from cyber threats.
  • Build trust with clients and stakeholders by demonstrating a commitment to security.
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Things Every Business Owner Wants to Know

Could your outdated computers be costing you more than you realize?

Identify vulnerabilities, fortify your cybersecurity, and protect your assets from potential breaches.

Transform your workforce from the weakest link into your strongest asset.

Are your employees suffering from password burnout? 

Stop worrying about lost time, missed deadlines, and cyber-criminals so you can get back to focusing on business growth.