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Create Processes and Procedures to Support Operations

Allow your Business to Thrive by Eliminating Redundancies and Automating Mundane Tasks

Businesses require processes and procedures in order to consistently deliver great products and services. As businesses start out, they frequently begin to create policies, procedures, forms and document structures in order to ensure that work is done by the book and that necessary information is gathered and not lost.


But too much success can cause these manual information gathering processes to fail as administrators become overwhelmed by more and more paperwork.

Here are some common complaints by Business Owners and Employees:

  • We frequently misplace or lose important paperwork which is sometimes impossible to replace
  • Forms are often filled out incorrectly leading to incorrect information and wasted time.
  • There are just too many steps involved in getting the information I need to analyse my business
  • It can take me all day to find out how many hours we worked on a particular project

These types of complaints usually occur when a company has outgrown the policies and procedures that have made it successful. The solution to these problems involves reviewing existing business workflows and identifying:

  • What processes and procedures currently support each department in the organization?
  • What processes exist that no longer benefit the company?
  • Where is the same information being entered again and again, wasting the time of front line workers and office administrators?
  • What information is important to employees and owners in order to help everyone succeed at their roles?

Usually once the company has grown to a size where these problems become apparent, the cost of finding an IT solution can be much less than the cost of continuing to operate the business manually.

Example: A typical Construction Estimating System

A small construction company may use Excel to perform takeoffs and quote on a bid.

Excel can:

  • List all of the costs gathered by the estimator in a presentable fashion in a way that makes sense for the company and for the customer
Excel cannot:

  • Provide a history of changes made to the estimate in coming up with the final cost
  • Allow many estimators to work on the same estimate file simultaneously.
  • adjust costs by a factor based on region or inflation
  • generate RFQs and send them to subcontractors and suppliers
  • track subcontractor and supplier responses and indicate the winning vendor
  • generate reports on all work quoted on by a particular vendor
  • etc, etc, etc.

How can Foundation BTS help small businesses become more competitive through business systems improvements?

We use our experience with larger organizations and our understanding of standard business processes to evaluate what it is that your company is doing. We do not pretend that we know your business better than you, because we simply do not. However, we do understand what tools are out there that can help you be more successful, tools that will help you eliminate extra paperwork and tools that will help you get the information you need when you need it.

In summary, we:

  • Evaluate your existing business operations focusing on policies, procedures and workflows
  • We look at potential software solutions that fit your budget and your business requirements
  • We shortlist especially suitable IT solutions for review with key stakeholders at your company
  • We help you with the software integration process if you decide to proceed
  • We continue to provide support for your company as it continues to grow and recommend further improvements as technology continues to change your industry

If you know that your current business operations are cumbersome and labour intensive, but you aren’t sure where to look to help you optimize procedures and get better information in real time. Call Foundation BTS, we’d love to help.

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