IT Project Management

IT Projects can be time consuming, expensive and difficult to implement

it-project-managementAs an owner of a small business you probably realize that introducing change in your organization can be difficult. Technology changes are especially risky; if the change does not go well, then employees can resist and prevent IT projects from succeeding.

IT Project Management is especially important when making IT changes that will affect an individual, a team, a department or an entire organization.

Changes to your IT infrastructure must be well planned and executed because:

  • IT changes = resistance from your employees
  • Poorly planned and executed IT changes = failure
  • Failed IT projects = lost revenue and a wasted investment
  • IT projects can be as simple as migrating a user from an old computer to a new one, or as elaborate as transitioning independent business systems to a fully integrated business solution.

IT Projects We’ve Managed

Small IT Projects

  • Upgrading users from their old accounting software to the current edition
  • Migrating an employee from an old computer to a new one
  • Replacing a Consumer Router with an Enterprise Firewall

Medium IT Projects

  • Switching from one email hosting provider to Office 365 Hosted Exchange
  • Replacing a server with a new server in the same role

Large IT Projects

  • Planning and executing the transition from one ERP system to another; including:
  • Researching the most appropriate software and computer hardware to meet the company’s needs,
  • Mapping data and processes from the old system to the new one,
  • Defining an implementation plan and schedule that includes anticipated down times due to the migration of data and other contingencies,
  • Execution of the data migration and the rollout of new software and hardware to employees, and
  • Providing training and documentation for employees on the use of the new system.

Who can use our IT Project Management Services?

You can, if you are:

  • An IT manager or CIO who needs to deliver projects but doesn’t have the resources or time to do the work themselves.
  • A small business that does not have its own IT department.
  • A business owner who recognizes that they have IT requirements but also that an outside expert can deliver solutions more effectively and at a lower price.
  • A manager who is frustrated with their current IT solution and needs help finding ways to improve their situation.

Why use Foundation BTS IT Project Management Services?

  • We use standard Project Management principals to manage your project and work with certified project managers to provide predictable results.
  • We understand technology – but more importantly, we understand business needs.
  • Our reputation is based on your satisfaction; if we cannot help you, we’ll let you know up-front.
  • So whether you are in the planning phase of your IT project, or you need help delivering your business technology solution, we can help you with every step of your IT implementation.

Give Foundation BTS a call today to help you understand if your project is feasible–and let us get the job done right.

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