About Foundation BTS

About Foundation BTS

Technology Solutions for Productivity and Peace of Mind

Pretty soon you’ll be able to go to restaurants and order food through the electronic menus embedded on the table, or through electronic menus manifested through an inexpensive tablet. This is not only a convenience for you but it will simplify the process of getting you to order your dinner.


Here’s how:

  • Owner’s will not need to go to a printing house to produce the menu
  • Changes in prices or changes in the menu will not result in additional printing costs
  • Specials may be added and removed from the menu at any time
  • Items out of stock can be removed from the menu easily
  • Wait staff will not need to bring menus to you, nor will they need to maintain them, wiping away spills and grime
  • Orders placed by customers will go directly to the kitchen, reducing wait staff errors

Successful business owners are frequently too busy to stay on top of the technology and tools that can help them improve their productivity. For companies too small to have an internal IT department, owners will delegate IT responsibilities to an employee who enjoys working with computers and gadgets. There are many problems related to insourcing IT responsibilities part time to non-qualified staff

Some of the issues we’ve seen from part time internal IT staff:

  • reactive approach to supporting IT infrastructure
  • IT becomes low priority after other job responsibilities
  • lack of vision and knowledge of the technology available for your industry
  • lack of project management ability to successfully implement new technology
  • poor disaster recovery planning
  • lack of maintenance and no control over IT assets

As a company grows, when the development of a company’s IT infrastructure is left to non-qualified personnel, processes that worked when the company was smaller, slowly begin to become unwieldy and sometimes these processes break down altogether. When this happens, regaining control can be difficult because working from the inside it is hard to see what is wrong.


Foundation BTS specializes in being your outsourced IT department. We’ll provide the IT knowledge and vision, not only to maintain your existing business systems, but we will help you with your goals to improve your productivity and profitability by:

  • recommending new services and software to streamline your business processes
  • reducing costs by automating systems and eliminating paper
  • improving systems reliability and security
  • maintaining hardware and business applications
  • introducing low cost cloud services where appropriate.
  • creating strategies to ensure your business can continue to function in the event of an IT disaster.

If your company’s success is driving up administration costs and you want to simplify your business processes and workflows, contact us. We’re not just a hardware support company, we want to improve your business.

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