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As businesses and business services become more dependent on the Internet, knowing exactly when services and sites go offline can be the difference between huge profits and terrible losses.


A small dam in Northern Ontario is remotely monitored by a team hundreds of kilometers away. The remote team depends on a VPN connection to control the dam and generate power.

If the connection to the dam goes off-line, dam operators lose control. Because operations tasks are only done intermittently, operators may not know the dam is offline for up to 12 hours. Because other problems may occur while the dam is offline, revenue may be lost.


In a situation like this, a site monitoring system that alerts operators the second that a connection is broken can be the difference between profit
and loss.


A t-shirt company depends on it’s website to receive orders and generate revenue. Every second the site is down, $10.00 in revenue is irrevocably lost.


In this case, owners will want to respond immediately when a service interruption occurs.


Every night a major retailer distributes data to 3200 stores across North America. The stores can survive if the data is late, but manual adjustments and overrides will need to be made at each store, until the stores get back in sync with head office. In these situations hundreds of employee hours are wasted.


In this case, alerting on-call IT people of service interruptions can help them resolve issues before stores open in the morning.

The three examples above have two common threads:

  1. Businesses that depend on the Internet or on private networks to do business can lose money or productivity or both if network interruptions occur.
  2. Losses can be minimized if an immediate response is triggered when an interruption does occur.

site-monitoringFoundation helps by providing ongoing monitoring services for anything connected to a network or a computerized system. Our aim is help customers avoid losses by monitoring network attached equipment and services, and by responding immediately ensuring that the right people are notified and that losses are minimized.

Foundation BTS can also help to restore network connections, services and websites by acting as the response team directly. We can deploy remote or on-site IT response teams, travel onsite ourselves, or restart network services using disaster recovery protocols or standard troubleshooting techniques.

If your company has mission critical systems that need to work 100% of the time, it may be worthwhile to engage Foundation BTS to monitor your systems remotely to either alert your staff or to respond directly to the problem at hand.

If you are interested in our remote monitoring services, please contact us at 1-855-884-3287.

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