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From the day you purchase your computer, and as long as you are connected to the Internet your Mac, PC, Tablet and Smartphone are under attack.


If your computer is running slowly, it may be because:

  • Your computer is simply not powerful enough for the applications you are running
  • You may have multiple conflicting antivirus programs installed
  • Your computer has a virus.
  • Your computer is loaded with poorly written “bloatware” provided directly from your software vendor.
  • Drivers on your computer do not work properly and may be causing problems
  • Windows updates or other updates have caused temporary problems with your Operating System
  • Toolbars and other Adware / Malware are affecting the performance of your web browser.
  • Critical applications may need to be reinstalled or repaired
  • Hardware, like your hard drive may be malfunctioning and beginning to fail
  • Unnecessary services may be running in the background, consuming computer resources

Most people know how to use a computer, and most of us would like to believe that computers should just work. The major software vendors (Microsoft, Apple, Android) all base their reputation on stability, functionality and ease of use. But in a world with a constant barrage of external threats, constant updates to protect your software investment are delivered to your computer daily.

Increasingly, the 3 major Operating systems vendors have become more and more secure, more and more stable and more and more sophisticated to meet the demands of users and the improvements in technology. As a result, hackers and producers of malware have switched focus to find security vulnerabilities in the software applications that users frequently install on their computers.

Examples of commonly found Mac or PC software that have recently contained major security vulnerabilities:


Additionally, the worldwide adoption of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made these services highly attractive to hackers. The end result is that users can now be fooled into using these trusted platforms to unwittingly install malware that may compromise their computer and result in stolen personal information.

My company is too small to be a target for cyber attacks

A recent study by Symantec indicates that 31% of all cyber attacks are now directed at companies with less than 250 employees.

What can I do to protect my computer and maintain my productivity?

Foundation BTS can assist you with your personal devices, your network or your servers, by optimizing your installations and removing threats.

What we do:

  • Review all software installed on your computer and with your permission, we remove applications that are not appropriate for your business
  • We remove toolbars and unneeded add-ons from all your browsers
  • We run diagnostic programs on your hardware and your software, scanning for problems and security threats that put you at risk
  • We update any remaining applications to eliminate security loopholes and show you how to continue to do this on your own, if you so desire
  • We recommend hardware upgrades if we believe we can improve your computer system performance.

We can provide this service on-demand or on a scheduled basis.

Call Foundation BTS if you believe that your computers are running more slowly than they should, we provide not only software maintenance services but can perform physical maintenance as well, ensuring that your systems are clean and free of dust and other contaminants which may shorten the life of your computers.

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