Backup Management

Successful companies cannot afford to lose business data

Business owners often ask “What will happen to my data if my hardware fails?”

Your question should be: “Am I prepared for the certainty that one day hardware will fail – negatively affecting my business data”. Successful companies cannot afford to lose business data.

Your computer backup solution should be a top priority for your company, as the consequences of lost data can be severe. For example, if you can’t access your accounts receivable data, how long can your company function without being able to collect money?


The relationship between lost data and lost business is very real. So a good backup plan is extremely important, and should include regular recovery testing.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • Your accounting database is corrupt, deleted, gone.
  • Nobody can access company forms.
  • HR files have been wiped clean.
  • Word, Excel and email files are obliterated.
  • Company photographs, reports, and other historical information are missing.

Modern backup solutions provide amazing recovery options

If your systems are backed up properly, then a simple restore process should have you back online within hours, minutes or even seconds. However, without a proper backup you could face:

  • Hours spent rebuilding forms and documents
  • Lawsuits because you cannot meet contract obligations
  • Lost revenue because accounts receivable information has been lost
  • You cannot communicate with customers, damaging or ruining business relationships.
A proper backup strategy considers these factors and conditions:

  • Is your company centralized or distributed?
  • Is a cloud based backup solution affordable or feasible?
  • What backup solutions fit within your IT budget?
  • How quickly would the company need to recover IT systems when IT problems occur?

At Foundation BTS, we’re your data backup strategists

We may recommend one or more types of backup strategy. We may customize an IT backup strategy that gives priority to “mission critical data” and less priority to “non-critical data” – producing a solution that fits within our customers’ needs and budget.


Your backup planning can include:

  • Virtualizing and replicating servers and data
  • Cloud-based backup of data – either all or just ‘mission critical’ data.
  • Backing up to tape or disk
  • Analyzing risk and developing recovery strategies, so your business is prepared to recover quickly when a hardware failure or other disaster hits.

Backup Management Approach

Our approach is simple, yet complete.

  1. First, we analyse where important information resides within the organization and make needed recommendations to ensure that your data can be backed up reliably.
  2. Next, we evaluate what data is critical to your company’s ongoing operations. Examples of “mission critical data” include:
    • Accounting data
    • HR data
    • Proprietary applications
    • CAD / CAM drawings and templates
    • Estimating data
  3. We pinpoint opportunities for IT failure, predicting possible outcomes if data or applications are partially or fully lost.
  4. We recommend and implement solutions to:
    • Reduce chance that your hardware or systems will fail
    • Increase the chance that you can fully recover your data and systems should an IT disaster strike.
    • Improve recovery speed: Because if your system is down, your employees are not at work.

Are you concerned about your backup strategies – or don’t have one yet?

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