IT Monitoring and Maintenance

IT problems can cause businesses to lose productivity and waste money

Having a solid and reliable IT infrastructure gives owners the peace of mind to focus on doing business

Many small businesses depend on technology every day in order to fulfil orders, plan and execute projects, or to close business deals. How does your business stuggle if your IT systems aren’t reliable and working to their fullest potential?


Here are just a few examples:

  • When e-Commerce websites go down, revenue stops, customers shop elsewhere and your business reputation suffers.
  • When servers fail, your business loses productivity, misses deadlines and is left with corrupted data.
  • When assigned IT assets malfunction, individual workers lose project momentum, frustrating business owners and managers.

Your IT infrastructure is a critical part of your business. Like other business equipment—such as a fleet of vehicles or specialized construction equipment—you need to maintain and monitor your IT assets to ensure that your systems stay in good working order.

We help keep you up-and-running! Turn to Foundation BTS for:

IT Systems Monitoring

If your business systems are important enough, you want to know that they are functioning properly and that somebody is going to respond if things are not functioning as expected.

At Foundation BTS, we currently monitor these IT Systems and others:

e-Commerce Sites

If your site goes offline, we will let you know in minutes


If a server reports any issues, such as the ones listed below, we will not only pass information along, we are prepare to respond

  • low disk space
  • updates required
  • hardware errors
  • virus activity
  • unusual network activity
  • unauthorized access

Remote Locations

We monitor remote facilities to ensure that they are online and ready to go 24×7

Computer Assets

We monitor and inventory all types of assigned equipment from Smartphones and Tablets, to Laptops and Desktops, to ensure they are optimized, healthy and free from malware and viruses. If you need us to remotely wipe a device, we can do that.

IT Systems Maintenance

These services include:

  • Keeping computers secure and up to date
  • Ensuring that only authorized applications are installed
  • Tuning computers for performance on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Physically cleaning computers when necessary and performing hardware upgrades if appropriate
  • Retiring computers securely and delivering retired assets to the charity of your choice should you desire

To ensure that productivity does not stop and that IT resources are available when needed your small and medium-sized business needs to know its IT systems are available 100% of the time. Trust Foundation BTS to provide that stable, secure IT infrastructure.

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