Server Virtualization

Reduce Cost and Improve Reliability of Your IT Environment

Take Advantage of Server Virtulization Technologies

Small and Medium businesses can reduce costs and improve reliability in their IT environment by taking advantage of server virtualization technologies.  If you have not considered virtualizing your server environment for your business, ask yourself these questions:

  1. If your server goes down will you be able to recover in minutes, hours or days?
  2. Is it prohibitive for you to deploy new servers and isolate your business applications because you need to purchase new physical hardware for each deployment?
  3. Are you trapped by your old legacy applications because they won’t run on modern operating systems or current hardware
  4. Do you waste time setting up new server operating systems again and again for test environment deployments?
  5. Do you worry that your disaster recovery plans have not been properly tested?

If the answers to these IT questions make you feel worried or concerned, then Server Virtualization might be a solution for you.


Consider some of the benefits of Server Virtualization:

  1. Save money on hardware by hosting several operating systems, old and new, Linux and Windows on the same physical server
  2. Continue to use old legacy software applications even though those applications will not run on new hardware or on modern operating systems
  3. Deploy new servers in minutes instead of days by duplicating existing server images, for testing or for production environments
  4. Replicate your systems to an offsite facility; be confident that if your main location goes down, then your recovery solution is ready to go.
  5. Recover or Migrate your server deployments to new hardware easily, even switch between hardware vendors, and rest assured that the migration will work
  6. Save Energy: Less servers = less cooling and less electricity

With so many benefits, it is easy to see that virtualization makes sense for 3 main reasons:

  • Virtualization can save you a lot of money on hardware.
  • Virtualization can simplify and improve disaster recovery strategies.
  • Virtualization provides a multitude of options for right-sizing server and application deployment.

Let Foundation BTS get you on the Server Virtualization Highway

Foundation BTS provides Server Virtualization Services to help you improve the reliability of your business systems while saving money on hardware.

Scenario Solution

My systems are old, I know it is time to replace my server, but what do I do?

Foundation BTS can review your existing systems and help you by:

  • Recommending and procuring the appropriate hardware and software
  • Creating and executing a virtualization implementation strategy*
  • Performing ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your new system

I servers are relatively new but the environment is not virtualized, can I virtualize my existing environment?

Foundation BTS can assess your current hardware and help you determine if it makes sense to virtualize your existing physical servers.Then if it is appropriate, we can create and execute a plan to migrate your physical environment into a virtual environment.

My systems are already virtualized, but I am worried about our disaster recovery plans.

Foundation BTS can look at your virtual environment and evaluate your backup and recovery plans to ensure that in the event that disaster strikes, not only will you have the means to recover, you will be able to recover quickly.

As your Virtualization expert it is our aim to make sure that your IT systems are reliable and secure. By virtualizing your IT infrastructure, we can save you money in the short term and in the long run on hardware and migration costs, while improving your disaster recovery opportunities.

Contact Foundation BTS for your Server Virtualization needs, we are very eager to meet your needs.

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