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Many companies today are already floating up in the cloud, without even knowing it.

Are you using any of these applications already?

  • Webmail applications such as Gmail, Hotmail, Office 365, and Yahoo Mail
  • Social image galleries such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and Flickr
  • Social media tools including Facebook, mySpace , and Google+
  • File syncing and sharing applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive
  • CRM Solutions such as Infusionsoft, or

These are all cloud based applications that people and businesses have used for years, in some cases before the term “cloud” became popular.

The benefits of using the cloud are growing ever larger—and the arguments small and medium-sized businesses may have against adopting the cloud are certainly being outweighed by the arguments in its favour.


Do you recognize any of these mythical arguments against adopting a cloud application?

“Cloud applications are not secure. My company will be at risk of losing confidential and proprietary information.”

“If I stop using the cloud, I may lose my data.”

“Cloud applications are not nearly as robust as in-house software solutions.”

Now, consider the facts:

  • Cloud based solutions often run on many of your devices at home, at your office or on the road.
  • Cloud based solutions free you from the need to spend money on expensive servers and on IT personnel to manage and maintain those servers.
  • Cloud based solutions are quickly becoming as robust as their in-house counterpart applications. They’re also easier for development companies to maintain and support, because they do not have to distribute media and support their application on a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms.

Foundation BTS Cloud Backup Solutions

Foundation BTS offers a cloud backup service for desktops and laptops, that:

  • is hosted in Canada
  • is less expensive than solutions such as Mozy Pro
  • encrypts your data twice to guarantee that it is secure.

Foundation BTS Office 365 Solutions and Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Foundation BTS is an authorized Office 365 Partner and recommends Microsoft Hosted Exchange as the World’s best and most widely recognized business email application.

Why use Hosted Exchange?

  • 100% Integration with your smartphone or tablet using Microsoft ActiveSync technology
  • 100% integration with your Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later environment
  • Always in-sync sharing of calendars and contacts as well as email between all your devices
  • Always in-sync sharing of contacts and calendars between coworkers if desired
  • Webmail interface that is the industry’s best.

Are cloud based software solutions the right choice for your business?

Every business is different, and in some cases a cloud based software solution may not be right for your organization. Let Foundation BTS help you assess if the cloud is the place for you.

As a successful entrepreneur, you know your business – Foundation BTS knows Business IT. Trust us to help your business stay nimble as it grows.

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