Remote IT Support

A Support Solution is Always a Phone Call Away

Do you have questions about your desktop or server environment or does a hardware configuration problem exist?

If you own a small or medium sized business, and if you are having computer problems, you don’t always have the time to wait for your local computer guy to show up to look at your problem.


In many cases, the problem can be solved remotely. For example:

  • You have questions about Microsoft Office or other business applications including QuickBooks
  • You want to improve your business and have questions about utilities or applications that can improve your productivity
  • You are experiencing problems with your network and don’t know how to fix it
  • You would rather have an outside expert fix a problem quickly rather than waste the time of your non-technical employees
  • You are having trouble configuring peripherals like printers and scanners
  • You have questions about a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone and need an answer quickly.

In cases like the ones above, remote support can definitely save you both time and money.

Time Savings Money Savings

Calling 1-855-884-3287 puts you immediately in touch with a Canadian consultant that is not just knowledgeable about computer systems, they are knowledgeable about Canadian Business and in particular YOUR business.*

Calling 1-855-884-3287 and getting remote assistance means:

  • you are not paying for travel
  • you and your staff are not sitting idly waiting for somebody to show up and fix a problem
  • you can return to your work

Foundation BTS can provide IT solutions to your technology problems

We can work remotely or on-site, depending on your needs. We do not provide support to just anyone, but focus on providing excellent service to our existing customer base.

Our employees are:

  • Canadian Residents providing Canadian IT Solutions for Canadian businesses
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals who continually maintain and improve their credentials through new education and real world experience
  • Friendly and courteous people who want to help
  • Able to recognize that your computer problems may be causing you certain stress
  • IT professionals who understand and respect that your technology exists only to support your business and that you depend on your systems to generate revenue and maintain productivity
  • Fully insured
Why use Foundation BTS for Remote IT Service?

  • We have the knowledge, expertise and tools to rapidly respond to most technical questions and problems
  • We are a Made in Canada solution, employing Canadian residents
  • We are not just an IT company, we specialize in understanding business requirements and that your productivity is paramount
  • If your problem cannot be resolved remotely we can resolve your problems in person when it is necessary

If you need quick friendly remote IT service from IT professionals that understand and care about your business, then call Foundation BTS and get your IT solutions today.

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