On-Site IT Support

Stop Bringing Your Systems To A Service Centre – Let The Service Centre Come To You

Sometimes, when unexpected things happen, the only way to fix a problem is to have an experienced IT professional come to your aid.

Don’t stop work by bringing your systems to a service centre – let the service centre come to you. If you’ve ever had one of the following problems, you’ve probably called for on-site IT support:

  • Failed computer hardware on a server or desktop
  • A laptop gets dropped and will no longer turn on
  • A virus sweeps through your company, causing widespread problems.
  • Network issues cause your office to lose access to local drives and applications, email and the Internet


In these cases your only choice is to call an IT professional to troubleshoot your IT problems and rapidly come up with solutions that will get you back to work quickly.

Many businesses that have dealt with IT service companies have the following complaints:

  • My business is not a priority to my IT person or company
  • The IT people who serve me are unfriendly and rude
  • My IT services company is out of touch with my business needs, they only understand computers but not business requirements
  • My IT person never shows up when expected or sometimes doesn’t show up at all
  • My IT person is a family member with a day job. They are never available.
  • My IT person never finishes a project they usually start but leave the task incomplete.
  • My IT person withholds passwords and account information from me and so I feel threatened or stuck

If these problems or others are similar to your situation, you should consider using Foundation BTS to support your IT infrastructure at your business.

Reasons why you should consider Foundation BTS for On-Site Support

  • Remote diagnosis by a certified professional before anyone shows up on site (we may not have to come onsite if we can fix your problem remotely)
  • Friendly First IT professionals who focus on business needs as well as technology requirements (if we can’t fix a problem quickly, we can recommend a workaround to help you get back to work sooner)
  • When we are onsite at your office, you are our number one priority.
  • If you have an IT emergency we will consider it an emergency as well and respond accordingly
  • Our IT professionals are knowledgeable, certified, well trained, and polite.
  • We don’t use computer jargon, we are trained to speak in simple terms that you can understand.

Our on-site services are not just about Emergency support

Sometimes you may require someone onsite to perform one of the following tasks:

  • Network cabling
  • Telecommunications systems installations
  • IMAC services ( Install, Move, Add, Change) such as:
    • Moving desktops and servers in a corporate office
    • Procuring and installing additional RAM
    • Installing printers, plotters, scanners, and all-in-ones
    • Installing new backup hardware or physical servers
    • Installing new computers
    • Installing and configuring digital white boards
  • System Lifecycle Management Services such as:
    • Retiring an old computer
    • Archiving data from obsolete hard disks
    • Securely wiping data from old computers
    • Recycling computers for charity

If you need a professional on-site who is dedicated to you, like one of your own trusted employees, and you want someone who will work for you long term and learn about your business, look to Foundation BTS for our on-site services. We are eager to build our relationship with you and deliver excellent on-site IT support.

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