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Foundation BTS: Outsourced IT – But With a Difference

We Work For You When You Need Us, Which Saves You Money

Small and medium-sized businesses today (SMBs) often do not need an entire IT department or even a single full-time employee to meet their company’s IT needs.

But if you own or manage an SMB, you do need somebody that can advise you:

  • When your computers or your computer network are not working the way you expect
  • When you have questions about how to use the software you already own
  • When you are looking for new software to support your business and don’t know where to look
  • when you need to make a change in your IT policies,
  • when you have a virus, or
  • when you are purchasing a new server and are just not sure what to do next.


As your outsourced IT department, we work for you when you need us. We know that often this will be much less than 40 hours per week.


Doesn’t it make sense to use an outsourced IT department that is based in Canada, employs only Canadian IT professionals and understands Canadian business?

We are an outsourced IT department for SMBs – but with a difference.

The benefits for your business abound. Here are just a few:

  • You save money on IT staffing.
  • You gain the value of using an organization offering a wide variety of skills, rather than one person with limited experience.
  • As our relationship grows and we learn about your business, we can advise you on new technologies that will help you save costs and increase revenue.
  • When your company is big enough, we will be happy to help train your new staff on how to take on the responsibilities that you have assigned to us.

As a successful entrepreneur, you already know your business better than we do. What we know is how to research, recommend and implement new IT systems and business procedures to improve your productivity and increase business intelligence.

We hire people who are knowledgeable about the needs of small and medium-sized businesses first and technology second. We help companies who are in trouble, and we help owners who want to gain that competitive edge.

Whether you’re in IT crisis mode or want to give your business that competitive edge, let us be your trusted IT advisors.


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