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Avoid Losing Personal or Business Data

You don’t ever want to lose personal or business data, but you hate changing tapes, and backing up your files to CD-ROMs, Tapes or external disks. Additionally, you are never sure that your backup was a complete success.

This is why backing up to the cloud has become such a popular idea:

  • It’s easy
  • It’s automatic
  • And you don’t have to lug around and change tapes, cartridges, external drives or thousands of CD-ROMS and DVD-ROMS

Foundation BTS provides tools to allow you to back up personal and business data on Canadian Cloud Servers located in Toronto and Montreal.

Why choose our cloud backup services over Mozy or Carbonite?

  • Your data backup will be kept in Canada
  • Your data backup  will be kept in Canada (Yes we said it twice – we are patriots)
  • Our software is easy to set up, easy to use and your data will be secure

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