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Backup vs. Malware

At FBTS we’ve recently seen a high incidence of viruses that can really damage your computer. These viruses encrypt your data, and unless you are willing to pay the culprits a “ransom”, you will not get your files back.

Back in October, on the TV series “The Good Wife”, the staff at the law office Stern, Lockhart & Gardner are hit by a nasty virus that encrypts all of their company files. Based in reality, this type of virus is encountered by real world businesses, with real world consequences.

The virus that affected them is called a “ransomware”. This is because the people who encrypted the data on your computer have the key to unlock it, and they will unencrypt your data if you pay them a fee.

In “The Good Wife”, the lawyers end up paying the ransom of $75,000, because they did not have a decent backup and had no other means of getting their information back. In the real world, ransoms are generally not so high. If you pay the ransom, you will receive instructions on how to unencrypt your data, but this does not mean the virus is gone and you may get hit again within a few days or weeks.

The only proper solution to these types of attacks is to have a good backup.

How can you avoid getting a virus like this?

Viruses attack from all directions these days. Some of the ways you can get a virus on your computer are by:

  1. Not keeping your Operating System and applications up to date with the latest patches and security updates.
  2. Downloading freeware or cracked software from unknown sources.
  3.  Searching for movies and music online but not recognizing if the results are presenting music files or application files.
  4.  Opening zip files or executable files sent to you by email or other modes of communication.
  5. Being on a network with another affected computer.

Additional Information

The major Antivirus providers, including Norton, McAfee, BitDefender and Kaspersky all say that viruses are now unavoidable, and that Antivirus Software is now only part of a solution that businesses need to protect their data. User education and caution are also important, and a good backup is mandatory.

Foundation BTS can help you ensure that you do have good virus protection, and a good recovery plan, so you don’t need to pay some Internet mobster any ransom. Because of viruses like the one featured in “The Good Wife” we recommend to our customers what we consider to be one of the best backup solutions in the small business arena.

If you want to know more about how you can avoid nasty viruses, or how you can better protect your business data, we can help.

Please contact us for more information.

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