Meet Foundation Business Technology Solutions

Foundation BTS was built on the vision of helping our customers become more productive, secure, and profitable through turn-key IT infrastructure, reliable maintenance and monitoring, and friendly, knowledgeable support. We have grown considerably since our inception, but our philosophy remains the same.


To support the local economy, our objective is to operate exclusively in Canada. However, we embrace diversity in all its forms and our dynamic team has origins in Canada and around the world. Our expertise is as diverse as our people and our attitude towards inclusivity is a key component of our success.

Our Mission

Our Company Mission

Our primary mission is to keep our customers safe and productive wherever they work.
We deliver on these goals by striving for operational excellence in what we do. 
We focus on giving our employees the education, support, and technology to guarantee our success in serving you.

Clear and Open Communication

Our goal to communicate clearly with each other, customers, and vendors is an important mechanism in setting expectations, scheduling services and achieving deadlines. Clear and open communication can only strengthen relationships because the principal behind clear and open communication is integrity.


As a business, Foundation BTS strives to deliver on every promise that we make. Being open with our partners including vendors and clients when circumstances stand in the way of us accomplishing our goals.

Our business and our people are constantly improving to deliver better and more secure service. Being honest and open about all aspects of our business is a cornerstone of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships, and is a mindset shared by our entire organization.


Reliability is a key focus of our service delivery. We deliver reliability by using technologies with an established reputation for working well and being available greater than 99.97% of the time. It means being available by phone, email, or our support portal to provide on-demand support when you need it. It also means monitoring and updating your networks, systems, applications, and cloud services so they are also as reliable as they can be. When it comes to reliability we strive for constant improvement approaching perfection.


Technology and business are two things that are constantly evolving. When it comes to your business, we want to know everything about your vision, your products and services, your culture, and the IT infrastructure that drives your success. When it comes to the products and services we deliver, we are constantly seeking out new partnerships to deliver state-of-the-art tools and technologies to foster creativity, collaboration, productivity, and a secure work environment. Also, because our existing partners’ technologies are constantly evolving, continuous education for our employees is a must.


Our service guarantees outline a clear process for prioritizing our work to serve your needs in an order that addresses what’s most important first, while respecting that less urgent demands still need to be resolved in a timely manner. Our commitment to properly prioritizing your requests translates into maximum productivity and satisfaction for you and for all of our clients.

Some of Our Clients

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Our Main Office

17665 Leslie Street, Suite 38
Newmarket ON
L3Y 3E3


M-F: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
S-S: Closed

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17665 Leslie Street, Suite 38 Newmarket ON L3Y 3E3
Toll-Free: 1-855-884-3287 Local: 416-368-3287

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