IT Infrastructure Planning & Implementation

The Right IT Solutions For Your Business

Your business may have one, or one hundred or even one thousand employees. You require IT solutions which are the right size for your business.

As a company grows IT requirements do change. Typical scenarios include:

  • An office with one employee eventually has 5 or 10, who all need to share files, printers and the Internet.
  • A construction office wins a major job, but now they need to track costs and produce invoices more quickly or risk becoming insolvent.
  • A snow removal company becomes big enough that tracking trucks and maintenance schedules becomes too much work for a single employee using excel spreadsheets.
  • A Website marketing company decides to virtualize their hosting services to avoid an eventual catastrophe
  • An office outgrows their current manual data backup solution and decides they should automate their data backups to an offsite location


In each of these situations, there is a technology based solution available that will complement and improve business and reduce risk.

Why should my company consider outsourcing their IT Infrastructure Planning projects?

  • Small and medium businesses have limited resources to focus exclusively on IT Initiatives.
  • Non-IT staff tasked with finding and implementing better IT solutions frequently don’t have the time or knowledge to move ahead and they have other responsibilities.
  • IT specialists that have worked with companies on similar projects can leverage their expertise and deliver results quickly and with better results

How does Foundation BTS help with IT Infrastructure Planning?

Foundation BTS starts by listening to our customers. It is important that we understand not only what your immediate needs are but also how your new requirements might affect other processes in your business. We are in the business of increasing productivity and improving workflows, so in some cases, once we understand your existing processes we can recommend solutions that will vastly improve performance.

Foundation BTS uses standard Project Management Principals to help guarantee that IT projects move ahead on schedule and on budget.

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