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Maintain, Improve or Fix Your IT Infrastructure

Is your business IT infrastructure in maintenance mode, in improvement mode … or are your IT systems simply out of control?

If many or all of these applies to your business, your IT infrastructure is out of control:

  • You may not have a defined annual budget for IT.
  • You purchase IT hardware and software only when it becomes a crisis.
  • You do not know where to find your software licenses.
  • You back up your data manually (when you remember to).
  • You don’t have a plan for when your hardware fails.
  • You keep important company data on your laptop and not on the server.
  • You use spreadsheets to build and maintain reports that a good accounting system could generate on demand.

These IT scenarios are all too common among even successful companies.

Small companies often add employees and computer equipment as a reaction to an immediate need. They may not plan for long term company goals or make anyone accountable to look after their IT assets.


The result of reactive spending on IT assets can be:

  • Higher support and deployment costs because equipment is never uniform
  • Difficulty tracking licenses and maintaining software subscriptions because the wrong license was purchased or because purchasers were unable to manage renewals
  • Unsuitable hardware is purchased, for example, purchasing a home user model computer to do Civil 3D drawings

If you don’t have a defined annual budget for your IT expenditures, you probably do not have procurement policies or procedures for new IT investments; and you probably don’t know the status of your backups, your antivirus software or other assets that help you recover from an IT crisis.

IT Systems Maintenance Mode

If you are in IT systems maintenance mode, then your systems are humming along nicely. You might have someone performing the role of IT Manager on a part-time basis. This person might be a technically savvy employee or possibly a relative who works in IT for a larger corporation…

Consider the following:

If your business relies on the technical expertise of a relative or an internal employee who is only dedicated to IT Management part time, if a catastrophe happens, they won’t be available or capable of helping you recover quickly.

Neglecting to plan for long-term IT goals and using non-professional IT service providers? You run the risk of lost data, frustration, and emergency situations down the line – with no dedicated IT professional when you need one most.

Foundation BTS will help by:

  • Rescuing and protecting your business from urgent IT situations (such as IT disaster recovery)
  • Maintaining and supporting your day-to-day business
  • Backing up your IT systems on all of your important devices

We help eliminate the IT chaos and confusion, so you can get on with your business.

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